Cheryl is currently holding personal sessions until the end of May 2017 in Cairns North Queensland due to overwhelming demand.

Cheryl Davies – Alchemic Healing Consulting in 2017



For 20 years I have been working as a Psychic Medium helping people with their beliefs, self-worth, grief from loss, trauma/phobias, teenager issues and negative attachments. Alchemic Healing is my own unique healing technique. With this unique form of healing I work on all levels of the mental, emotional and physical by using a combination of Intuitive and Psychic Abilities, Kinesiology, Shiatsu Massage, NLP, TFT, Belief Systems, DNA and Mediumship.

My aim is to help people to understand and heal themselves by accessing and understanding blockages from past and present experiences which are creating disease of the body, mind and soul. Whether you are looking to connect with a loved one past, whether you need assistance to heal and move forward with your life, or if you feel that there is negative energy surrounding you,

I can help you to move forward and make positive changes that will change your life for the better. It’s time to move forward. I look forward to helping you heal yourself. You are so worth it.

I don’t beat around the bush. I am straight to the point with the information I receive and deliver to you. My warmest wishes to you and I look forward to connectingCheryl Davies